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  Tuesday, April 21st   

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More Medals Won by Local Cadets at National Biathlon

Roy Harten for local2 sault ste. marie
March 11th, 2011 at 10:23am

Biathlon 1Local cadets win four more medals in Thursdays 3 X 1.5 Km. Relay Race at the 2011 National Cadet Biathlon held in Valcartier Que. Brett Davie, 155 Sqn. Air Cadets, Sault Ste Marie won a Gold as part of the three member male composite team, Ontario 1. He had the fastest ski time on the course of 23.59.2 min. Earning a Silver Medal Jessie Gravel, 696 Sqn. Air Cadets, Blind River on the three member, female composite Ontario 1 team. Tyler Davie, 155 Sqn. Air Cadets and Travis Parr, 2310 Army Cadets, both of Sault Ste Marie were two of the members of composite Ontario 2 team.

The weather was again a factor with the light snow in the morning, -3 C which warmed up in the afternoon and then changed to rain in the afternoon. The male’s raced in the afternoon and with the mild weather this slowed the biathletes down and was exhausting. This adds time and marksmanship suffers as the biathletes have to try to slow down their heart rate and breathing. Tomorrow’s forecast is mild with 20-30cm of rain.

Biathon 2

Jessie Gravel, 696 Air Blind River
Credit: Roy Harten

Prior to his departure for the Nationals Brett said he was focusing on the transition from skiing to shooting and focusing on his targets. His shooting was off today but he made up for it with skiing fast and quickly skiing the 100m penalty laps for each missed target. Having missed 9 targets he had to ski an extra 900m, almost another kilometer yet he still finished with the fastest time of all 20 male competitors. In Tuesday’s Pursuit Race Brett again had the fastest time and would have won gold but a missed penalty loop cost 2 extra min added to his overall time which dropped him down to 4th place.

One other Ontario three member female team won a Gold Medal on Thursday. In the Female Unit Team Relay, 2799, Army Cadets, Aurora composing of, Catherine Moogk, Katie Stoakes, Charlotte Nettie of Ontario 1. Thursday’s medal haul was the most medals won in one day by any Ontario Cadet Biathlon Team at the Nationals. Today’s medal’s brings the total so far to 4 gold and 9 Silvers and 1 bronze medal.

Biathlon 3

Brett Davie Gold, Sr Mens
Credit: Roy Harten

Friday's race is the patrol race which is specific to the Cadet Biathlon program. It begins on the range with the first firing bout (sequence). All 3 members of the team must be on the range. Two biathletes fire and the other one acts as the coach. The adult coach may not help the team during this race. This is intended to respect the “military” patrol where in the same situation, they would have to deal with it without help.

The team members must think of a strategy to make sure that all of the biathletes fire at least twice. The teammates must remain together and they may not be more than 30 meters apart.

The arrival is done on the range; on the completion of the 4th firing bout. The time stops as soon as the last target has been shot down. A maximum of 45 minutes is allowed to complete the race.

Biathlon 4

Travis Parr adjusts rifle position
Credit: Roy Harten

One of the aims of the cadet program is to promote physical fitness and competing in biathlon meets that objective plus it is a great moral booster for the cadets at the home units rooting for these biathletes. The cadet program is open to boys and girls ages 12 to 18.

Follow the 2011 National Cadet Biathlon and view some of the posted photos at, cadets.ca/biathlon


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