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  Monday, April 27th   

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Youíre Never gonna Believe This one...

Kassie Wright for local2 sault ste. marie
September 18th, 2011 at 10:49am

This article is a column or editorial.
The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of LOCAL2.

KASSIE blueberry And no Iím Dr. Doolittle. Or nuts, for that matter. I have to tell you what happened today! Itís priceless. But donít tell anyone, they may not be on the same level as us.

It all started off with a simple plan: to go pick a couple baskets of blueberries on my friends lot. It was a beautiful day and he said to come over and pick away. He didnít have to tell me twice. I was there in a heartbeat!

It was a beautiful morning. The warm sun and the gentle breeze made it perfect climate for picking. I brought my dogs over to mingle with their dogs. They were enjoying raising through the blueberry patch and down to the riverbank. But then I noticed a strange thing.

Maybe not strange just unexpected. No one would believe me if I told them, so I mentioned it to my friend. Listen and look at this, I said. The pinecones are falling from the tree. Some are even hitting me on the head. I waited for his reply. Oh yeah, funny. And he turned and walked away. While he had fishing on his mind, I was curious about these pinecones dropping from above.

I had this strange feeling someone or thing was watching me. Not a fearful feeling. Just an inquisitive one. I thought the squirrels or birds or small creatures who noticed I was picking their blueberries, their food, wanted me to know it was theirs. So while I picked more, I mulled over this thought. I didnít open my mouth. Never uttered a word.

Just kindly said to myself in my thoughts, ĎItís o.k. my little ones, donít worry there is plenty here for everyone. Iíll only pick a couple baskets for us to enjoy and leave the rest for you.í As I smiled and continued to pick some more, something miraculous happened. No word of a lie.

The pinecones stayed in the trees. Not one more fell from above. Or landed on my head. It was as if instantly they knew I wasnít a threat but a friend. And as I was almost done filling up my second basket, and calling the dogs to come over. Something landed on my shoulder. No it wasnít another pinecone. It was a tiny little bird. As I turned my head to see what it was, it gently flew up in the tree. As if it was saying goodbye. As if it understood I would leave after my two baskets were filled.

I was beaming. To think that for one moment in time, nature collided. The birds understood what I thought. I communicated clearly and they stopped the pinecones from falling. Not one more falled on me or the ground for the next hour or so. It was an hour of pure communication. I couldnít believe what just had happened.

I told my husband later that night. He just smiled. I never asked what he thought. To me it didnít matter. I was still inspired by that moment. Itís like talking to the birds or dogs which I often do out loud. But I said it through my thoughts. Never uttered a spoken word. Yet they understood completely. No pinecones fell after that. And a little bird landed on my shoulder to make his peace and bid me farewell.

Sound like a fairy tale story. For the rest of the world, weíll pretend it was. Between you and me, we know Miracles happen when you expect them to.

Always Expect Miracles

Kassie wright

Inspirational author

Look for my book under my name @ amazon.com.

As always, I welcome your thoughts! tkwright@xplornet.ca


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