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  Monday, April 27th   

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Hash Oil - A Cancer Cure?

Craig Huckerby for local2 sault ste. marie
October 28th, 2011 at 1:02pm | Last Updated at 1:09pm

hash oilIs the key to a Cancer cure as close as your neighbourhood drug dealer? Maybe so according to a cancer free survivor who opted for alternative treatment when he was diagnosed with skin cancer.

David Triplett armed with research that supports the use of Marijuana and Hash Oil extract tried the unusual cancer treatment and said the oil when used on the skin cancer directly on the effected area saw incredible results with no side effects.

Up to now, Cancer patients are treated with a number of drugs all that results in some sort of side effect, espeically chemo therapy and radiation treatment. Cancer patients complain that the treatment is usually worse than the disease. With that knowledge, Triplet decided on his own treatment which he documented in a short video that is quickly going viral.

In the short documentary, Triplet says Cancer research bodies and the Government have been testing marijuana and hash oil as long ago as 1975, but pharmaceutical companies and governments have turned away from such treatment because it means less money for the drug companies.

The war on soft drugs also played a key factor in keeping this "cure" quiet.

"When faced with a cancer diagnosis, some patients make a personal choice to pursue the use of alternative therapies to treat their disease. By definition, these therapies are not based on sound, scientific evidence but rather on other forms of knowledge or information. As an evidence-based organization the Canadian Cancer Society ensures that our health messages, cancer information and policies are informed by a body of evidence that is based on strong research." said Rodney Buzdygan, Manager ,Canadian Cancer Society Algoma & District Unit

Buzdygan points out several informational documents on the Canadian Cancer Society websites, such as Frequently Asked Questions about Marijuana and Battling Cancer

However, most of those findings were based on smoking the drug. In the video documented here, Triplett uses it as cream directly on the cancer.

Other research also shows that the Cannabis plant has an active ingredient that actually stops the cancer cells from growing.

"When it comes to funding cancer research, we strive to support world class projects that stand to have the most impact in the fight against cancer. Each year, researchers working in hospitals, universities and recognized research centres across the country apply for funds through the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute. Researchers are encouraged to submit their best study ideas related to any type of research that is relevant to cancer, including studies examining complementary and alternative medicines." Buzdygan added.

"The Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute allocates money to researchers following a national review process that involves scientific experts and lay people, who are often cancer survivors. This process ensures that the money is directed to only the very best research projects with the potential to have the most impact on people with cancer."

"The Society is committed to understanding more about the causes of cancer, to identifying better ways to prevent the disease and certainly to developing more effective treatments, which will improve survival but also enhance quality of life." Buzdygen said.

So is this harmless drug with a bad reputation the cure of cancer? is it worth it for governments to better understand the soft drugs on the street to see if it can advance as a legitimate cure instead of wasting hundreds of millions of dollars each year on Police resources to fight the street drugs?

Watch the video and decide.


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