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  Sunday, April 19th   

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Once in a Hundred Years

Carol Zarudenec Smith for local2 sault ste. marie
April 17th, 2012 at 10:39am

celebrate 6

Grandmother Eileen Headrick had cake with Madison & Shane Headrick
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith

I attended this illustrious event and was pleasantly surprised by the entire presentation. In the lobby of the Civic Centre as I entered, the Royal Sovereign Sea Cadet Band entertained the Sooites who gathered for this special occasion.

Mayor Debbie Amaroso gave a speech and proceeded to cut the cake and wished Sault Ste. Marie a “Happy Birthday.” Attendants helped to pass out a piece of delicious cake to anyone who wanted one.

celebrate 14

Central Park Fire Station
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith

Celebrate 5

Kim Forbes gives speech and photo remembrance from 1912
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith

Once everyone was seated in City Chambers, Mary Rossiter, Town Crier came in ringing her bell shouting “Oy Yay, Oy Yay” and gave her proclamation. Mayor Debbie Amaroso followed with her proclamation.

Kim Forbes from our local museum spoke and a video presentation appeared on screen about the Sault's last 100 years in photos. Charles J. Pim, City Clerk from 1912 portrayed by Tim Murphy (actor/comedian) kept the audience laughing with his portrayal and remarks. City Council members and Mayor Debbie Amaroso each in turn read highlights pertaining to the last century. Some Council members also exhibited some comical remarks during their readings.

It was obvious that everyone was having a good time and enjoying themselves. CAO Joe Fratesi made his comments followed by the name of winner of the Celebrate 100 contest draw. Once Mayor Debbie Amaroso made her closing speech, the meeting was traditionally adjourned.


Firehall 1903
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith

In another room upstairs, there were displays pertaining to the Police Force, Fire Fighters and Engineering to mention a few.

celebrate 11

Lyons Restaurant (Girl in Red)
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith

As I was leaving, I took photos in the lobby of the glass display case of old pictures like the Olympia Barber Shop, Roberta Bondar and the Lyons Restaurant (Girl in Red).

I was delighted to be a spectator at this special 100 anniversary celebration as I certainly won’t be here for the next one.

celebrate 12

Fireman Display
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith

celebrate 9

fire hose drawn by horses
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith

celebrate 8

Mayor Debbie Amaroso readying to cut the Celebrate 100 cake
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith

celebrate 7

Royal Sovereign Sea Cadet Band performed
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith

celebrate 10

Space Program patch
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith


Roberta Bondar, first female astronaut
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith

celebrate 3

Engineering Display
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith

celebrate 2

Engineering Draft Board
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith


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