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  Monday, March 30th   

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Studio Dance Arts Rises Above the Competition

Joanne Kovich for local2 sault ste. marie
May 16th, 2012 at 10:33am

Studio Dance Arts rises above the competition at Terpsichore Dance Celebration
Wins Highest Score of the Competition for Second Consecutive Year

Canada’s largest dance competition, Terpsichore Dance Celebration, was held in Sault Ste. Marie on May 4 and May 5 as part of their national competition tour of Canada. Studios from across Northern Ontario including Sault Ste. Marie, Elliot Lake, Wawa and Sudbury, participated in this renowned event.


At the conclusion of the weekend, the three-member panel of judges entered their scores and awarded SDA’s lyrical team, Everybody’s Free, the highest score of the entire competition.

The event lasted two days and was the first dance competition ever to be held at the Essar Centre. Hundreds of people from across the region attended including family, friends and spectators. Studio Dance Arts entered routines at all levels from both their Sault Ste. Marie and Elliot Lake studios with Matthew Caruso, Jessica Charron, Tania Castellani, Pam Robins and Christine Brunet leading the competitive faculty.

Local2 Video Coverage

"We are thrilled with the progress of our students and the results they are achieving," says Richard Kim - founder/director of Studio Dance Arts. "It's not the actual awards that we're so concerned about. Our main goal for the dancers is that they go out on stage and perform each of their routines to their fullest potential. When they do that, the magic of their artistry and emotions really do touch the audience and judges in a special way. Our dancers work extremely hard and are very disciplined and focused. We're proud of that. Those qualities build strength and character. They know that if they're committed to the process 110% and work hard, the rewards and recognition will naturally come. There are no short cuts to excellence. SDA is very fortunate to have dancers who are passionate and dedicated to their craft. We're also extremely lucky to have parents who are just as committed to the process and sacrifice so much for their child's passion. As well, we have an incredible team of teachers and choreographers who really do share a common vision - excellence in dance education. SDA seems to attract the best and the brightest all across the board."

Matthew Caruso - co-owner/director of the Elliot Lake studio says, "Richard and I both get so excited to see the results of all the dancers hard work pay off during competition season! What truly makes me proud is witnessing how our dancers pull together and really deliver when needed. They're reliable and fierce competitors. I think they thrive on the challenge and are always eager to step up to the plate and produce. Whether, I'm at the Elliot Lake studio working or the Sault Ste. Marie location, one thing is always the same. Talent exists everywhere."

These winning routines, along with all dancers from Studio Dance Arts will be seen at the popular year-end shows. This year we are excited to have three shows across the region. SDA LIVE Blind River was held on May 14, SDA LIVE Elliot Lake will be held on June 2 and SDA LIVE Sault Ste. Marie on June 16. Please visit www.studiodancearts.com for more information.

Top Overall Winners – Competitive Division – Solo

1st overall novice solo – Alex McCauley

1st overall mini solo – Ava Zachary

1st overall junior solo – Shawn Metzen

1st overall inter solo – Sara Hinding

1st overall senior solo – Felisha Lindsay

2nd overall novice solo – Olivia Pucci

2nd overall inter solo – Laura Tomie

2nd overall senior solo – Brittany Best

3rd overall novice solo – Olivia Melisek

3rd overall inter solo – Kristin DeAmorim

3rd overall senior solo – Tee Komsa

4th overall junior solo – Olivia Vecchio

4th overall senior solo – Mikayla Marrelli

5th overall senior solo – Caitlin McMaster

Top Overall Winners – Competitive Division – Group/Lines

1st overall mini small group – One

1st overall mini large group – Steam Heat

1st overall junior small group – Blackbird

1st overall junior large group – Welcome to Havana

1st overall inter small group – Vogue

1st overall inter large group – Walk Your Path, Know Your Journey

1st overall inter line – Everybody’s Free

1st overall senior small group – Big Spender

2nd overall inter large group – Music of Heaven

TOP Overall Winners –Recreational Division

12yrs & Under

1st overall junior solo - Brooke Patry

1st overall Novice junior duo/trio - Get Happy (Riley McDermott & Sarah Wilding)

1st overall group - Happy Feet

2nd overall group - Intergalactic

3rd overall group - Yankee Doodle

13yrs & Over

1st overall inter solo - Rowan Buratti

1st over all duo/trio - Un, Dos, Tres (Taylor Caron, Hallie Prescott, Brooke Patry)

1st overall group - One & Only

2nd overall group - Soul

3rd overall group - Twilight

Final Top Team Champions

The T3 Award (Top Troupe out of all groups)

Mini T3 Champion - Steam Heat

Junior T3 Champion - Welcome To Havana

Intermediate/Senior T3 Champion - Everybody's Free

West Coast Dance Explosion Convention/Competition

Detroit Scholarship Audition Winners

Sara Hinding - Teen Elite Dancer Title Scholarship

Mikayla Marrelli - Senior Convention Scholarship


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