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  Saturday, April 25th   

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Journey of an Entrepreneur - The Power of Social Media

Troy McLaughlin, BBA CA for local2 sault ste. marie
June 16th, 2012 at 12:08pm

troy McLaughlinSocial Media, a term that has totally changed how individuals and organizations interact on an everyday basis, could do the same for your business.

I'll admit, I am not one to be into the latest gadgets or technology, I bought a laptop out of necessity for my business not because I wanted something new, my five year old desktop worked just fine for me. I had a client come up to me and ask me why I wasn't on the internet. I told them that I had a website and I figured that it was sufficient to portray my business. They then asked about more recognized social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I knew what Facebook was, I think most people if not everyone has Facebook, I do as well but I rarely use it so my friend list is not that extensive. I have heard of Twitter but the things that happen inside an Accountant's office are really not that exciting, “snapped my pencil, time to sharpen a new one.” I agree, that wouldn't be exciting at all. I went through and created my Facebook business page, I had some people like it, I occasionally post new updates or tax tips to help my clients, but that's about it. LinkedIn is a site that I have really started to embrace though, it has given me the ability for people with influence who may not have known me before the opportunity to see my name and possibly find out a little more about me through my profile. I'll admit though, my social media skills have improved drastically over the last 6 months.

Now I'll be honest, accounting is not something people get that excited about. If I were to tell people that ever 50 likes my business receives on Facebook I will give away a tax return, people wouldn't be flocking to my page to like my business. But there are some businesses that I have noticed that really have embraced Facebook business pages and seem to be doing quite well with it.

A couple examples of this is my wife has a friend who has a friend that's a photographer, the photographer posted pictures of some children that had a photo shoot with her and my wife's friend commented on it. As soon as that happened, it came up on my wife's page. That instant, the photographer increased the number of people who now knew about her. Similar thing happened to a restaurant that I know of downtown, I knew it was opening an entire month before it did simply because one of my friends liked it. That instant, I was excited about the new restaurant opening. For the record, we used the photographer two weeks after my wife saw that and we ate at the restaurant the first week it was open.

Social Media is an extremely powerful marketing tool, but here is the key piece, it doesn't cost a thing. I have had many start-ups come up to me and ask about low-cost advertising ideas, I told them these stories. Who knows, you may not even get one customer or you may get 100 customers, but the good thing is that it didn't cost you a dime, only your time.

As far as my business goes, I have gained two clients because of my involvement with Facebook business pages but I don't use it enough. There are some industries that these pages are perfect for, to advertise promotions, to offer coupons, just to get your name out there.

Are you using Social Media to enhance your business? No, why not? Need help?


Troy McLaughlin Chartered Accountant is a full service public accounting firm located in Sault, Ontario who works directly with all clients regarding all matters.

Your Business is My Business.


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