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  Sunday, April 26th   

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Urgent Help Needed , Dog hit by Car - now Lost

Craig Huckerby for local2 sault ste. marie
June 30th, 2012 at 12:35pm


Local2.ca received the following plea for help from viewers, Ken and Jen who are frantically looking for their lost Chihuhua Nani: Here's their story.

My name is Ken and someone gave me your e-mail to see if u could possible help me and my family in finding a little dog her name is Nani. she got away on us and she was hit by a car. People have been seeing her in the Carmen's way area. It's been 4 days now with no water and food and she is in injured on one of her rear legs. We dont want her to die out there wandering in shock.
Thank You!

P.S. My Name is Ken & my wife name is Jen and our phone # 705-946-4769,
and if no one answers PLZ! have them leave a detail message. A she is very shy and scared to death, and she is Chihuhua


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