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  Monday, April 27th   

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Diego Needs Your Vote!

James Anthony for local2 sault ste. marie
January 28th, 2013 at 1:30pm | Last Updated at 1:35pm

Jimmy Fiore Wresler

Jimmy Fiore currently spends his days working as a steel worker for Tenaris; in his time off he works live wrestling events across North America, which he’s been doing for the last six years. Fighting under the name of “Diego Davinci” he started his training back in 2007 for professional wrestling all in hopes to fulfill a childhood dream of one day becoming a professional wrestler.

Jimmy’s training involved working with his brother Vince as well as with local professional Otis Idol; Jimmy also attended several wrestling seminars that were held across Ontario and in the United States. These seminars gave Jimmy the chance to be trained by former WWE stars “Eugene”, “Fit Finlay” and TNA star “Petey Williams”.

Jimmy has wrestled in over 100 amateur matches in both single competition matches and tag team matches with his tag team partner “Vinnie DaVinci”. Jimmy’s wrestling matches have taken him across the province, into Michigan and even down to Ohio. Wrestling isn’t just a hobby for Jimmy but it’s his passion.

Jimmy is now on the verge of completing a child hood dream of his, becoming a professional wrestler. This past June Jimmy had an opportunity to attend the TNA “Gutcheck” tryouts which were being held in Oshawa. Jimmy was one of thousands of Canadian amateur wrestlers who attended the event, all looking for a chance to become a professional wrestler for TNA.

Jimmy was moved into the second phase of the tryouts, an interactive online voting process for your favourite wrestler. The tournament is staged in rounds with fans voting to decide whom among over 300 names will advance in each round until the final matchup – and winner - is ultimately decided. The winner will then be awarded with an appearance on Impact Wrestlings “Gut Check”.

Jimmy is now turning to the community where he grew up to help him win a match that he can’t win on his own.

Jimmy needs the residents of the Sault to vote for him to help make a childhood dream come true.

To vote go to www.impactwrestling.com
Scroll down to bracket 14 right beside “Click To Vote”
Vote Jimmy Fiore

Jimmy is currently behind in the voting and needs all the help he can get, with the voting ending March 11th.


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